The Social Cooperative is a mental health service which aims at the vocational training and social rehabilitation of people with psycho-social problems.

Founded in 2002, it is the culmination of reforms in psychiatry, initiated in Leros in 1990 and later extended to all the mental institutions throughout Greece.

At the beginning of this journey, the operation of the first Social Cooperative of Greece had as its main direction the overcoming of asylum attitudes that destroyed human dignity, the fight against institutionalism and social exclusion.

Today, with the legacy of many years of experience, the Social Cooperative, assessing the needs of the time, operates as a modern Mental Health Unit focusing on the creation of quality jobs for people with mental health problems and preventing institutionalism through innovative human-centered activities.

Beekeeping, the cultivation of aromatic medicinal plants, pastry confection, folk art handicrafts and finally the visitable herb and honey farm ‘the Caserma’, are the “therapeutic tools” to achieve these goals.


ARTEMIS herbs are products of organic cultivation, of high agro-nutritional value and culinary quality. The processing of all herbs, for cooking and tea (Pelargonium, Basil, Laurel, Rosemary, Spearmint, Savory, Wild Thyme, Oregano, Sage, Cistus, Lemon Verbena, Marjoram, Lemon Balm, Mint, Pennyroyal, Chamomile) is done by hand and with natural ways, so that man and nature take center stage in the entire process offering the best qualitative result.

Leros ARTEMIS honey is a product of excellent quality and nutritional value with a high content of pollen grains of thyme, eucalyptus and dozens of other local plants.

The sweet and savory pastries of the Mediterranean cuisine are prepared with pure ingredients and herbs-honey from our production. Everything is handmade by people who love and respect traditional, local cuisine.

Caserma’s handicrafts, such as little scarecrows, rattles etc., are made of natural materials, as eucalyptus peels, driftwood, and recycled fabrics, by passionate workers who care for every detail…

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