Information about "Caserma of Herbs" in Leros Island

The Caserma of herbs is a visitable farm created with great love by the Social Cooperative Ltd. of the Dodecanese Mental Health Sector in an area of extreme natural beauty in Koulouki on the island of Leros, located just 600 meters from the Port of Lakki.

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The activities of the farm are the cultivation of aromatic medicinal plants as well as the development of an innovative center for the protection and reproduction of bees. The dozens of aromatic-medicinal plants (wild and cultivated), with the trees and bushes make up a unique natural landscape surrounding a historical monument. Within the estate dominates an Italian caserma (barrack), which was saved from the period of the Italian occupation and has been restored with respect for the history and architecture of the place. The building functions as a multi-functional space for creative activities and events, and houses a small exhibition of beekeeping and herbs of Leros.

The visit to the Caserma of herbs offers visitors a unique experience of discovering the world of herbs that thrive on the Lerian land and fill the estate with colors, aromas and fresh air of relaxation and rejuvenation. They will also be introduced to the wonderful society of bees through an extensive presentation by our experienced beekeepers.

At the same time, the visit at the barrack, a historical remnant typical of the military architecture of the Italian occupation, is a journey through the long and rich history of the island. It has been built at such a point as to “watch” the island’s newer history opposite the Italian Gianni Rosseti aeronautical base, the Royal Technical Schools, and the emblematic prison-hellholes for the exiles, the “psychopaths” and finally the immigrants.

Ecological footprint


Throughout time, our action has as a basic principle in not burdening the environment by leaving a minimum footprint.

• In our crops, we consume the smallest possible amount of water by applying the drip irrigation system and rainwater collected in a specially
designed tank.

• We use biodegradable or recyclable materials in packaging,crafts, and canteen items.

• The organic waste from the cultivation is entirely composted.


• Many other materials used are also recycled, such as plastic, glass, paper, etc.

• We utilize solar and wind energy to cover electricity needs.

• We strengthen neighboring areas affected by fire with tree plantings and take care of fire safety during periods of high risk.


• We participate in school educational programs that reinforce proper waste management, recycling and environmental protection.

Events – Visitors – Booking

Our place can be reserved for educational or cultural events, seminars, exhibitions etc. We are at your disposal for any information and planning of your visit. The duration of the visit will be about 2 hours.

Booking: +30.22470.28015, 22470.23105 (8:00am – 2:00pm)

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In the Caserma of Herbs, place and time are focused on man. The man who fought, got hurt, got sick, was exiled, resisted, traveled, created, shared and finally found his Ithaca in … Leros!